Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting Some Closure: It hurt a lot because I cared a lot

I was cleaning the house today and felt saddened when I came across the chair in our office where I had tossed my stuff after returning from Milwaukee and the NLDS.  After the final loss to the Cardinals, I cried. Tears streamed down my face when it became obvious there would be no comeback. I cried on the drive to work the next morning and then later in my office. I blamed my appearance on allergies. For those who knew better, I just said that it hurt a lot because I cared a lot. There was no way that I could put my feelings into words at that time. So I didn't.

Playoff relics. And quite possibly the last time I'll see Prince as a Brewer.
So what's changed? I decided that I needed some closure. It became obvious to me that I could not fully engage in the college basketball season until I said goodbye to the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers. So, goodbye, Central Division champs. Goodbye, beast moders. Goodbye, Prince Fielder, K-Rod and Craig Counsell. (Sadly I cannot say goodbye to Yuni yet.) 2012 Milwaukee Brewers, you're just a few months away. I can only hope you make me as happy as the 2011 Brewers did.  
This is what I wanted to do after the Cardinals World Series victory.