Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Day 1 of "the project."

My sister's boyfriend, Ben, was nice enough to help me set up my blog. His strongest advice was to remind me that anything that I put on the internet "will be there forever ... even if you're able to delete it somehow, it will always be out there." So I ask: "So if I type, 'why the f@#k is Jeff Suppan pitching?' but then later regret my post, there's no going back?" Right, Ben says.  Hmmm... I wonder in what universe I'll regret that sort of post about Supp.)

Today's Brewers' game went much like my decision to have potato chips and beer for supper--it was really good for a while but then I started to feel sort of sick and wished I had something more substantial. The Marlins scored seven runs in the sixth inning to turn a 4-0 Brewers lead into a 4-7 deficit and from there, it just went downhill. Chris Narveson was just humming along and then, bam! 3-run homer. The only noteworthy thing about the rest of the game was how badly the Marlins fielded in the ninth inning. Thank god there is a Jersey Shore marathon on now.

Marlins 13, Brewers 5