Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Day 1 of "the project."

My sister's boyfriend, Ben, was nice enough to help me set up my blog. His strongest advice was to remind me that anything that I put on the internet "will be there forever ... even if you're able to delete it somehow, it will always be out there." So I ask: "So if I type, 'why the f@#k is Jeff Suppan pitching?' but then later regret my post, there's no going back?" Right, Ben says.  Hmmm... I wonder in what universe I'll regret that sort of post about Supp.)

Today's Brewers' game went much like my decision to have potato chips and beer for supper--it was really good for a while but then I started to feel sort of sick and wished I had something more substantial. The Marlins scored seven runs in the sixth inning to turn a 4-0 Brewers lead into a 4-7 deficit and from there, it just went downhill. Chris Narveson was just humming along and then, bam! 3-run homer. The only noteworthy thing about the rest of the game was how badly the Marlins fielded in the ninth inning. Thank god there is a Jersey Shore marathon on now.

Marlins 13, Brewers 5

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  1. A lesser man would center the first comment on your blog around how how much the Brewers suck this year, how your stadium smells of sweat and diminished expectations, or how we've beaten you 11 out of the last 15... but that seems wrong, so I'll just say that you should go back to the ball-in-glove unis and I always loved County Stadium. How's that?