Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waiting for Superman

The playoffs stared today. And Waiting for Manager opened in a theatre near you.

After sending me word that three University of Wisconsin students had been fined $86,000 for having a house party (really, this happened in Wisconsin?), my co-worker’s husband sent me a picture of Cubs announcer Bob Brenly.

Why would anyone send me a photo of this douche bag? I looked at the Journal Sentinel sports page. I looked at the front page of Nothing about Brenly.

Then I got the link. Sources say that Brenly will be the new Brewers manager. WHAT? How could this be possible? This is a man who heaped criticism on the Brewers and famously suggested that Ryan Braun would have additional problems with his rib muscles if he continued to act like he did after hitting a home run against the Cubs.

I freaked out. How could Doug Melvin do this? I might have thrown my pencil across the room. I was eyeing my stapler when I went back to and visited the comments section. People were abuzz with the rumor. I needed to know that it would be OK before I hurled the stapler at my book shelves. Another poster suggested that I calm down and that Brenly was denying meeting with the Brewers. I sipped water slowly from a coffee mug as I tried to calm down.

A few minutes later came news that Melvin had not offered the job to Brenly and was a “bit incredulous” about the rumor.

I don’t remember being this fired up about anything in awhile. The movie Waiting for Superman gets its title from a Harlem educator’s childhood belief that Superman would rescue him (and fix the problems of the ghetto). I guess I’m waiting for Superman, too. I want a new manger to swoop in and rescue the Brewers from a losing record. I want this manager to lead the Brewers to the post-season. (No need to achieve these feats in tights and a cape. This sort of fashion statement should be left to Rick Peterson.)

Bob Brenly is no Superman. Admittedly, I know that no manager is going to come in and do the things I want without some starting pitching but I feel relieved--for now--or at least until Melvin interviews Juan Samuel.