Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blogged down

I went out of town this weekend so I ended up watching all three Nationals games today.

I was in Iowa over the weekend hanging out with a friend from college and her family. On Saturday afternoon, I plopped myself down in a recliner and didn't get up except to eat and go to bed. The effort it took to get up was so great that I decided to limit all unnecessary movement. [I'm sure there's a Yuniesky Betancourt joke that I could make here.] I'm sure that I seemed like an ungrateful house guest. I didn't really talk to anyone except that I did respond "yes" when asked if I was sleeping. Everyone said that I was OK but they were probably just being polite.

Kind of like the Brewers. It would be nice to say that it is OK that they got swept by the Washington Nationals but it's probably not a great thing to do with a series with the Phillies beginning Monday. On the other hand, now that it's done there's not much sense in continuing to feel bad about it. Move on and do better next time.

Nationals 4, Brewers 3 (10 innings)
Game played 4-15-11

Nationals 8, Brewers 4
Nationals 5, Brewers 1
Games played 4-17-11

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