Friday, April 22, 2011

On Ryan Braun’s contract extension

I have always been a big Ryan Braun fan, so, needless to say, when news of his contract extension broke yesterday, I was ecstatic. Barring some unforeseen scenario, Braun will be a Brewer until 2020. If nothing else, this makes my decision to get a Braun jersey a good long-term investment.

The reaction was immediate and, for the most part, based upon a statistical analysis of whether it was good for the Brewers, good for Braun or good for both.  On one hand, the extension was surprising because the Brewers already had Braun under contract until 2015. On the other hand, it keeps Braun from being able to test the free agency market after 2015. In all likelihood, he’ll be a Brewer for life.

During spring training this year, I had a serious discussion with my husband about whether Ryan Braun really needed me anymore. “He doesn’t seem to need my love any more,” I said. “Maybe another Brewer needs it more. I mean, how much better can he get?”

Seth put an end to this quickly. “I don’t know if Ryan Braun ever needed your love,” Seth said. “But you need to love him. You need a Brewer to love.”

And that pretty much sums it up, folks. I love Ryan Braun. He makes my Brewers experience better. I can’t envision a time when I won’t wait for the third spot in the batting order to come around. I can’t envision a time when I won’t want him to be a Milwaukee Brewer. There isn't always a rational reason for why you love a particular player but you will almost always gravitate toward one in particular. 

I was never very good at stats. I dropped out of my college stats class half way through so I could devote more time to drinking. You can’t really change who you love, nor should you.

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