Friday, May 20, 2011

I had hoped for more

I'm tired and more than a little cranky. I feel like Andy Rooney about to go off on a rant that makes no sense. "You know what the problem with fruit is? There are too many kinds of fruit. ... "

The Brewers just wrapped up a four-game West Coast road trip with a 2-2 record. I stayed up for all four games except for Wednesday night's game where I went to bed after Milwaukee gave up the third run in the bottom of the eighth inning.

For some reason, when I get tired, I can't hear things clearly. For example, I swear that Jeff Grayson keeps calling Davey Nelson "baby." Which is just weird.

(On Monday night, I thought Rock called Rod Barajas a sweaty guy but he actually said something about Marcum feeding him a steady diet [of some sort of pitch].)

After going 2-8 on the previous road trip, a 2-2 trip is not terrible. I feel disappointed, however, because all the games were winnable. Milwaukee pitched well but was shut out in both losses.

"But, Baby, let's talk about Chris Narveson." I swear that Jeff just said it again.

Narveson pitched very well on Thursday going 7.1 innings and giving up just four hits and one walk but the lack of offense did the Crew in once again. They were 0 for 8 with runners in scoring position in Thursday night's 1-0 loss. On this trip, they went 6 for 43 (.139) with runners in scoring position.  Given this, maybe 2-2 is miraculous. (Does this sound too optimistic for an Andy Rooney type rant?)

Here's my thought about Thursday's game. When you are having a lot of trouble scoring runs on the road (and you are playing in a cavernous stadium), does it make sense to try to manufacture runs? I think back to the fourth inning where Prince led off the inning with a double. Should the Brewers have tried to bunt him over to third with one out in hopes of getting on the board? I know that it is not a great strategy every night (and I don't even know if Casey McGehee CAN bunt) but given how the game was going maybe it made sense. (Or, you know, the Brewers could have scored one run in the first inning when they had one out and runners on second and third.)

Dodgers 3, Brewers 0
Game played 5-17-11

Brewers 5, Padres 2
Game played 5-18-11

Padres 1, Brewers 0
Game played 5-19-11

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