Monday, May 23, 2011

The problem with this one is going to be the acceptance speech

That nifty little ballpark we like to call Brewers Stadium, The Fan, Petak's Petard, The Keg, The Iron Vagina, The Space Vagina, or just Miller Park--home to our Milwaukee Brewers--has ripped this week's El Super out of the very deserving hands of Shaun Marcum and Corey Hart.

Monday's 11-3 victory over the Washington Nationals was the Brewers' seventh straight home win. Milwaukee is now 10-1 at home in May and 17-6 at home overall. The only home loss in May came on the 11th, a 13-6 take down by the Padres. At home, the Brewers have a .291/.364/.847 slash line compared with a .220/.279/.333 road line (prior to Monday's game). Miller Park has been very good to the Brewers this year--and that's enough to earn this week's El Super.

Brewers 11, Nationals 3
Game played 5-23-11

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