Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love this place

On Wednesday, my brother, mom and I played hooky and headed to Miller Park. Tailgating was out due to the weather but the retractable roof meant the game was on. My mom always says that's it's nice to know that after driving 5+ hours that there will be a game no matter what.

There was a tremendous crowd (34,419) at the game. (It appeared that there was a school promotion as the place was packed with school kids.) I was proud of my fellow Brewers fans. It was a good showing for a Wednesday afternoon game.

Zack Greinke struck out ten (and LaTroy Hawkins and Kam Loe added one each). Oh, and Greinke also hit his first home run with the Brewers. (He had one in interleague play in 2005 with the Royals.)

Todd Coffey made an appearance for the Nationals, getting the final four outs. The crowd gave him a warm welcome when he sprinted to the mound. 

Baseball is way better than work. Baseball is way better than work. Baseball is way better than work.

Brewers 6, Nationals 4
Game played 5-25-11

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