Sunday, June 12, 2011

Intoxicated by victory; a little hungover the next day

It was easy to soak up Wednesday night's game and post-game festivities--the comeback; the Nyjer Morgan interview--it was the kind of thing a fan lives for. One writer described the end of Morgan's FS Wisconsin interview thusly:

Finally, he sprints off to the clubhouse, intoxicated by victory and soaked in sweat.
[Note: I think he was soaked in Gatorade that Prince dumped on him.]

It would have been hard for Thursday's game, the rubber match between the Brewers and Mets, to live up to the previous night's contest. Even with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers throwing out the first pitch, the Crew was a little flat. Yovani Gallardo didn't have his best stuff and he strugged through 4+ innings, giving up four runs on ten hits. The offense managed just one run on four hits. Not a terrible game by any means but it was sort of a let down after the high of Wednesday night's game.

Mets 4, Brewers 1
Gamed played 6-9-11

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