Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Throwing up the T

After falling behind 6-2 on Wednesday night, the Brewers staged a frantic eighth inning rally to tie the score. Prince's second home run of the night got the game back to even. In the bottom of the ninth, with Craig Counsell on second and two outs, Nyjer Morgan sent a liner down the right field line to score the game winner.

After the game, Mark Concannon on FSWIS attempted to catch up with our hero.

MC: OK, Craig, thank you. And Nyjer...

Nyjer Morgan: What are we looking at? [Points toward camera; not sure where he should look.]

MC: Lookin' right there, my friend. You hit the game winning hit...

NM: I didn't know [voice gets high; laughs].

MC: You didn't know?

NM: I thought we were winning and ahhh just looking for a pitch and ahhh I guess I got it and takin' it down the line. But ahhh, man I didn't even know what time it was or anything, even though we got all the scoreboards and everything. I was just out there having fun.

MC: And what a win; to come back from 6 to 2 ...

NM: Yahhhh.

MC: so late. This is a huge win for you guys.

NM: Oh you know, I mean, we definitely ...

[Prince sneaks up and dumps water or Gatorade over NM's head. NM starts jumping up and down and saying "Yah. Yah. Yah."]

MC: It's a hot day, folks, Nyjer needs to cool off.

[Nyjer then points to the camera or someone and continues to jump up and down.]

NM: You see it? You see it? [Forms a T with his hands.] Throwing up the T. There it is. Throwing it up. Yahhhhhh. What up?

MC: Tell us about the ole Braveheart stuff from the dugout here. [Bends forward; makes motion away from camera.]

NM: What Braveheart?

MC: You had the arrows going?

NM: Oh no, that's a Usain Bolt.

MC: Ohhh, that's Usain Bolt. OK.

NM: Yah, you're cocking it back and letting it fly. [Pulls back the bow and let's it fly.] Haaah! Ha ha ha.

MC: Well, you let it fly tonight, my friend. This has got to be a great feeling. You get a chance now to win the series tomorrow and keep up the terrific play of late.

NM: Yeah, no, I mean, we just gotta come back, you know, tonight's over with. We're going to enjoy this for tonight but tomorrow get back to work and bring the pain again. Ahhhhh [flexes]. I gotta go. [Throws hands up in the air and runs away from Mark back to the clubhouse.]

Brewers 7, Mets 6
Game played 6-8-11

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