Thursday, June 16, 2011

This series made Baby Jesus cry

Only taking one game in a four game series from the Chicago Cubs was tough--especially after coming off the high of a three-game sweep of the Cardinals and taking over sole possession of first place in the NL Central. Despite my disappointment, I know that I need to keep things in perspective. Over the weekend, I read through the comments on Viva El Birdos, the Cardinals SB Nation blog site. (Seth was gone on a guys' weekend and I had a touch of the flu so I had a lot of alone time to kill.) It made me vow to have a better attitude because I never want to act like that.

On Tuesday, my co-worker Kent stopped by my office. He informed me that he had "finally dropped Casey McGehee" from his fantasy team.

"Wait," I said. "You've hung with him this long and now that he's getting hot, you're going to drop him. Big mistake."

He laughed at me. He said he picked up the Royals third baseman instead.

Casey didn't go crazy but he did have at least one hit in each game against the Cubs. Overall he went 5 for 17 with four RBI. Let's hope Kent really regrets his move.


I've mentioned this before but I work in downtown Minneapolis, not too far from Target Field. Target Field is in the middle of the downtown area (no parking lots) so spectators often park any where they can find an open ramp. After work on Tuesday, as I walked toward the parking ramp elevator bank, I ran into a couple coming off of the elevator. They were both decked out in Cubs gear.

Uhhh, guys. You know that the Twins are playing the White Sox, right? The Cubs are at home.

Cubs 5, Brewers 4
Game played 6-14-11

Brewers 9, Cubs 5
Game played 6-15-11

Cubs 12, Brewers 7
Game played 6-16-11

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