Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School – Baseball Edition

Grill master, Nick
Guest blogger Nick Hable is a lifelong Brewers fan and frequent tailgater. When he's not watching the Brewers or reading this blog, he can be found teaching math and science to the youth of Mauston, where he also serves as the head soccer coach. Nick agreed to attend today's game against the Cardinals and document his thoughts for Hang with 'em Brewers! [This guest blog thing is awesome.]

Rachel is running out of things to blog about, so she is tapping some guest bloggers over the last month of the season.  As I am not a trained journalist, or for that matter very good at writing (straight B/C English student here), forgive the bad prose.  Then again this is the internet, so maybe that puts me in the upper echelons. 

As many of you know, school starts in September.  I have three days done already.  I am amazed at how school brings down the stress level in my life.  This past summer I agreed to do many things.  I chose to teach three weeks of summer school, coach a JV boys summer basketball team, officiated about 50 basketball games, and took a two-week summer class.  This was all before July 31st.  Soccer started the following week and I was off and running for the 2010-11 school year.  For having the summer off, I was looking forward to starting school again to have a little less to do. 

This all brings me to the theme of today’s blog…how little things can change your whole day.  As a teacher, my day can be going along great, and a little thing like the copier being out of staples can ruin my day.  For the Brewers, it was a wild pitch tying the game.  Teachers deal with an unexpected fire drill interrupting class, or the Brewers have an error, extending an inning.  Things can be going along as well as can be (Gallardo pitching 7 strong innings), and all of a sudden your class goes off on a tangent.  Things I have seen before (Coffey giving up hits and homeruns) can lead to a familiar place, Brewers playing from behind in the 8th and 9th

The fireworks can still go off at the end of the class (Hart hits his 2nd HR to cut it to two runs in the 9th) even if the class (game) doesn’t end as expected.  Even though the Brewers didn’t win, a game still can be fun to watch.  This one was.  Even though school isn’t fun every day, I still love to watch what happens. 

This game will close out my games I attend for the 2010 season.  I ended up 4-4 (1-3 vs. the Cardinals), .500 like I hope the Brewers can get to this season.  I am a teacher, and hope runs eternal…even if history doesn’t support it.

Cardinals 8, Brewers 6
Game played 9-6-10

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