Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shoring up the team

This is so frustrating. I watch and I want to throw things at the TV.


WHY is Sammi back together with Ronnie? Seriously. He was hooking up with girls at the club and then crawling into bed with her when he got home. And, somehow, instead of kicking Ronnie to the curb, Sammi got mad at Jenni and Snookie for telling her about Ronnie’s infidelities. So frustrating.

You thought I was talking about the Brewers getting shut out by the Cubs on Friday night? Hardly. Jersey Shore is way more frustrating than getting three-hit by Carlos Zambrano. Way more frustrating than falling behind on a couple of throwing errors. Way more frustrating than when Zambrano killed the Brewers best chance to score when he made a lucky defensive play.

Sammi, Ronnie is making you look like a fool.

It's hard to keep watching. 

Cubs 4, Brewers 0
Game played 9-10-10

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