Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top ten reasons for this loss

The Milwaukee Brewers were shutout 4-0 on Saturday night by the Florida Marlins. The 2010 team has been difficult to figure out sometimes so here’s a few explanations for the loss:

1. They didn’t want the 2009 team to feel bad. With the loss, the Brewers are 72-82 and have assured the ‘09 Crew that its 80-82 record will not be surpassed in 2010.

2. Lack of cool nicknames. Jersey Shore has MVP (Mike, Vinnie, Paulie), the Phillies have H2O (Hamels, Halliday, Oswalt). Nothing that cool has come out of Milwaukee this year. (And I am not counting the JS’s use of “Team Extreme” or “Team Freak” because I said cool nicknames.)

3. The Badgers used up all of the available offense in the State. The University of Wisconsin got out the whoopin’ stick against Austin Peay on Saturday afternoon. The 70 points the Badgers scored were their most ever in a single game “in the modern era.” Can’t be much offense left anywhere after that.

4. Ryan Braun was too busy preparing for deer hunting to get a hit (and inch closer to 200 hits). How else can you explain his finely defined beard?

5. The team felt sad because Sunday could be Prince’s last game in Miller Park in a Brewers uniform.

6. The team was too geeked up and was unable to focus because it could be Ken Macha’s last homestand.

7. The Crew said “screw it” when the fans started the wave in the eighth inning. (This one is for you, Kyle.)

8. Lorenzo Cain made only one incredible catch on Saturday night (crashing into the wall) and collected only two hits. This team needs more outta you, kid.

9. The fans demanded that Craig Counsell stay in the parking lot and tailgate with them, pushing back his entry into the game to the seventh inning. Likewise, John Axford used up his best stuff in the parking lot firing t-shirts at fans.

10. You don’t get to 10 games under .500 without not being so good on some nights. This was one of those nights.

Marlins 4, Brewers 0
Game played 9-25-10

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