Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tell-Tale Heart

Friday night is poker night. I caught the first inning and a half before heading over to our weekly game. They watch the Twins at the poker game so I TiVo’ed the Brewers so I could watch the rest of the game when I got home.

I did OK in poker, finishing in the middle of the pack. My husband took all my chips when his flush beat my flush. Don’t think I didn’t throw a little bit of a tantrum. Aren’t all flushes created equal?

As the Twins fell behind early in the game against Texas, my friend Andy said, “Sometimes it’s really hard to watch the Twins.” To which I said: “Yes, being in first place is really hard. I don’t know how you do it.” Of course, the Twins rallied and won 4-3. Really, just so painful to watch ...

When I got home, I watched the game. Immediately, I was greeted by the outfield miscue that would lead to the Phillies only run of the night. Shane Victorino hit a lazy fly ball between Ryan Braun and Lorenzo Cain, which both seemed to call for, but neither went for, as it fell for a lead-off double. Victorino would eventually score on two infield ground outs.

And that’s really it, folks. Chris Capuano rebounded from a tough outing against the Pirates to give up just the one run over five innings. Kam Loe pitched the seventh and eighth innings and John Axford the ninth. Neither allowed a base runner. Milwaukee, meanwhile, could do nothing against Cole Hamels. The Brewers managed to get just four players in scoring position all night. Milwaukee’s best chance to tie the score came in the seventh inning. The Brewers had runners on first and second with no one out but failed to even advance that runner to third base.

By the time I finished watching the game, it was after 1 a.m. All I wanted to do was crawl in bed and sleep. I would do my blog tomorrow. I was a loser all around tonight. Just as I was drifting off, the smoke detector made that sharp little whistle it makes when its battery is low. And then I drifted back to sleep, and then it shrieked again. How the hell did Seth sleep through this? Why didn’t he get up and fix it? I can’t fix it now because I will wake him up. It periodically went off throughout the night and every time it went off, I woke up and saw the baseball fall between Braun and Cain. Thump-thump. My personal Tell-Tale Heart.  You want pain, Twins fans? This is pain!

Phillies 1, Brewers 0
Game played 9-3-10


  1. Maybe we just have higher standards.

  2. I remember those higher standards when I was a (full) season ticket holder for the Twins at the Dome in 1999. Talk about smelling like onions and shame... and empty seats.

  3. I'm not sure how that supports your thesis.