Saturday, July 17, 2010

Am I secretly married to Ryan Braun? A reader poll

Yesterday’s post was far too serious—all that stuff about numbers and personnel decisions hurt my brain. Time to dumb it down with some girly stuff.  Ryan Braun’s 2-run homer to dead centerfield in the third inning sparked the Brewers to a 9-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Friday night. My Dad thinks that my husband, Seth, looks like Ryan Braun.

Hang with ‘em Brewers! poll—let me know what you think. Am I secretly married to Ryan Braun?

Consider the following.

  1. Ryan likes to date extremely attractive super model type women. Seth would like to date extremely attractive super model type women.  
  1. Ryan attended the University of Miami. Seth hates Miami and makes fun of its basketball team.
  1. Ryan is an investor in and frequent promoter of a T-shirt line, Remetee. Seth would rather be man-scaped in front of thousands than wear a Remetee.
  1. Speaking of man-scaping. Ryan, obviously. Seth, never. 
  1. Ryan has drawn the ire of the likes of Tony LaRussa, Bob Howry and Bob Brenly—and the baseball establishment—with some of his emotional celebrations. Seth is Swedish and Norwegian.
  1. Ryan has hit 117 major league homeruns and boasts a .305 lifetime BA and a .918 lifetime OPS. Seth displays above average power in our slow-pitch softball league. 
  1. Ryan’s nickname is Braunie. (I’ve never seen any proof that anyone in the dugout actually calls him the Hebrew Hammer.) Sometimes I call Seth, Honey Bunny, but in a totally sarcastic way.   
  1. Ryan’s got restaurants, a clothing line, and endorses a protein drink and an airline. Seth is an heir to the Bohemian Ovens (my parents’ restaurant) fortune. 
  1. Ryan has an eight-year deal with Milwaukee that goes through the 2015 season. Seth inked a long-term deal with me, a Brewers fan, in 2004 for the long haul. SMA ∞ REH

(Seth, below, sponsored by Nike. Ryan, right, pleading with God for some pitching.) 

Brewers 9, Braves 3
Game played 7-16-10

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  1. Seth has above average power? His slugging must be at least 1.250. Admittedly it'd be lower if the girl in RF could ever catch one of those lazy fly balls.