Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheap foamy beer night ... the best thing to happen to our pitching until Joe Inglett

Tonight was cheap foamy beer night at my house.  Unfortunately, it nearly turned out to be the highlight of my game watching experience.

It was one of those nights where the announcers earn their money--cause there's nothing to say. When Rock starts to talk about the moon's phases, you know that the Brewers' chances left with the setting sun. It's the eighth inning, and BA is waxing poetic about Prince's beard and how he couldn't stop staring at it when he interviewed him before the game.

Oh wait, they just showed sombrero guy and he did appear to be swaying and hiccuping. That's a win for me. All is not lost.

I take that back. Joe Inglett, utility IF/OF, who started in RF in place of Corey Hart, is now pitching the ninth. Wait, he isn't sucking. He's doing really well. WHAT? Inglett threw six pitches total, five for strikes. Three up and three down.

Joe Inglett, this can of the High Life is for you! Go get 'em tomorrow--2 out of 3 would not be bad.

Reds 12, Brewers 4
Game played 7-27-10


  1. That was definitely my highlight too! Nick and I had a very serious discussion later about whether the Reds players were really trying to hit...I think they were, and I smiled straight through the 4 minutes that inning lasted! ;)

  2. I wondered that, too. I know when I transitioned from fast pitch to slow pitch softball, I would be half way to the pitcher's mound when I hit the ball. On the other hand, these are professional baseball players and they take batting practice. At least it made the game more interesting.