Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My contractual obligation

Tuesday's game was another one of those games that caused me to curse out loud--and this time it had nothing to do with Hunter Pence. Dave Bush pitched six strong innings, giving up only 1 run. Milwaukee had numerous chances to knock Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez out of  the game but was downright pathetic (0-12) with runners in scoring position. Nonetheless, the Brewers led 1-0 until the sixth. With the score tied at one, Kam Loe and Zach Braddock combined to give up four runs in the seventh inning, leading to a 6-1 San Francisco victory.
As I fast forwarded through the last several innings of the game, I reminded myself that I am under no contractual obligation to watch the game. So I fast forwarded right on through to the end. I didn't even stop for Ryan Braun's at bats. There is something very freeing about remembering that watching the games--and even caring about the outcome--is a choice. That got me wondering what other people do when I am watching, reading and writing about baseball. I don't have kids. I know that that is a big part of it but I don't think a poor fielding day by Alcides Escobar is any reason to get pregnant. And if having knee surgery has taught me anything it's that I don't do well with a lot of free time. The Housewives of Orange County marathon is proof of that.

I'll be back for Wednesday's game.

Giants 6, Brewers 1
Game played 7-5-10

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