Thursday, July 22, 2010

The small things

I saw Paul tonight. I made a point to get into his check-out line. He's awesome.

I've gone to the same grocery store since college. My absolute favorite check-out, cash register running man is Paul. Even though I've never asked, I am sure that Paul lives in his mother's basement and plays World of Warcraft when he's not rockin' his black polo shirt at Kowalski's. He probably heads down to The Source to play a little D'N' D on Friday nights. He has this quiet, I'm-afraid-to-make-eye-contact-with-a-girl sort of voice. But he always asks me if I found everything OK. And that's good customer service.

Paul has greasy chin length hair, and, recently, he's put on some weight. I'd say deuce, deuce and a half but that wouldn't really do his protruding belly justice. To say that I love him would be an understatement. I get mad at my husband if he gets in anyone else's lane. "OK," Seth will say, "I'm doing this for you" as he pushes our cart into Paul's lane even if it doesn't have the shortest line.

So, tonight when I stopped by the store on my way home to pick up mushrooms, salad, chicken broth and croutons, I was relieved when I saw Paul at a register. Paul makes shopping better. Yes, I did find everything OK. Thanks for asking.

I was overcome with the same feeling when I remembered that Yovani Gallardo was going to pitch tonight. Gallardo makes the Brewers better. Gallardo has been on the DL since the July 4th Cardinals game where he strained his oblique muscle. While he's been on the DL, the Brewers pitching has been horrendous. Manny Parra, Dave Bush and Randy Wolf all gave up 10+ runs in the span of four games.

Sometimes in life, it's the small things.

Brewers 3, Pirates 2 (Gallardo scattered 5 hits over six innings and allowed ZERO runs to pick up the win)
Game played 7-22-10          

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