Monday, July 19, 2010

If a tree falls in the forest ...

Question:  If a baseball game is played and no one cares about it, does it count in the standings?
Answer: Yes.

Ahhhh yes, it's Monday night. It's Brewers-Pirates. It's a 50-minute rain delay in the middle of the second inning. It just doesn't get any better than this, fans. (Picture me with a can of Old Milwaukee.) The Yankees and Red Sox got nothin' on this match-up.

This one was magical. Jeff Karstens (2-5; 4.84 ERA; 1.41 WHIP) and Chris Capuano (1-1) (hasn't started a game since June 3; 13-game losing streak; returning from second Tommy John surgery) locked up in a pitcher's duel. Milwaukee collected its first hit off of Karstens in the fifth inning ... but at least that hit really rocked. Prince Fielder hit an opposite field missile down the left field line to break-up the no-hitter and put Milwaukee up 1-0. It was one of three hits for the Brewers. The other was a 2-run home run by Rickie Weeks in the sixth inning. It was still too much for the light-hitting Bucs, who managed just one run. The Brewers bullpen was tough. John Axford picked up his 12th save with a little drama in the ninth. Capuano picked up the win!

Have no fear Hang with 'em readers, I'm still standing in the forest. It didn't even occur to me that other baseball fans might not care about this game until I made a crack about no one caring about the Pittsburgh-Houston series. And then I thought: Well heck, that's not much different than Pittsburgh-Milwaukee. Cue inferiority complex.

Rachel notes: As Fox Sports Wisconsin cut away for commercial at the beginning of the rain delay, Brain Anderson uttered the following: "“We’re gonna gather our nuts, and find out what the squirrels… we’ll be right back.” .... Jonny Venters was suspended for four games and Bobby Cox one for the plunking of Prince Fielder.  "I think it's in everybody's best interests that the physical well-being of the players should be foremost," Brewers manager Ken Macha said. "My point of view is that it behooves everybody that Prince is able to go out and play all 162 and not have a broken wrist or dislocated back." Dislocated back?

Brewers 3, Pirates 1
Game played 7-19-10

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