Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad day at the office

We’ve all had bad days at work.* We’ve all wanted to tell someone how we really feel about that TPS report. We might have wanted to throw our three-hole punch at a co-worker. But we don’t. We keep quiet, take the abuse and solider on.

Today, Prince Fielder had a bad day at work. After seeing his team go from leading 2-0 through five innings to being down 2-10, after being called out on strikes to end the eighth, Prince had seen enough.  So he dropped an F bomb on the ump and threw his helmet. For this display, he got sent to the showers.

Now, I know that baseball players do not get the luxury, as I do, of sitting in an office all day with no one watching. No one taunts me while I review legal documents.  I don’t get sent down to the minors if my drafting skills slip for a few weeks. But once—just once—I’d like to let someone know how I really feel. And after I’ve dropped my F bomb, I’d like to be sent home. And the next day, I’d like to come back like nothing happened. Just once.

With just days to go before the non-waiver trade deadline, things are eerily quiet. I'm not sure if that's bad or good. 

Reds 10, Brewers 2
Game played 7-28-10

* I had a bad day at work today. But I’m going to come back strong tomorrow. Good lord willing, things will work out. I am going to read that survey with vigor.

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