Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sad face

I'm happy when the Brewers win. I'm unhappy when the Brewers lose.

Today I am unhappy. Yes, I am that fickle.

Dodgers 5, Brewers 4
Game played 8-25-10

Random thoughts
On Carlos Gomez: Tom Haudricourt's recent post in the Journal Sentinel regarding Carlos Gomez and his feelings about being the best center fielder on the team reminds me of a piece that ran in the Minnesota Star Tribune in May after Gomez flipped his bat and hit Joe Mauer. (The article was written by my college journalism professor. He never liked me. He thought I was lazy. I was.)

During tonight's game Brewers announcers Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder asked Ed Cedar to give us a sense of the kind of person and player Gomez is. "As you've seen, all out effort all the time. He's always trying, sometimes a little bit too hard. He's always out there giving 100%. You've got to like that especially when he's on the bases. He makes things happen. And, of course, he's a great bunter. There's a lot of good things to Carlos," the Brewers first base coach said.

BA and Rock went on to try to restore Gomez's public image, feeling that Gomez's comments didn't reflect the real Carlos Gomez. First, BA claimed that there was, of course, a language barrier. "I think what he meant was he believes in his ability. But at the end of the day, the manager whatever line-up he puts out there he wants to be a part of the line-up. Any competitor would have that take," BA said in Gomez's defense.

Rock went on to say that Carlos just didn't have that kind of tone in him. "You could understand how it could be construed as being a bit cocky. ... That's not Carlos Gomez," Rock said, adding that Gomez just wanted to play.

We all see a world of talent with Gomez. It is frustrating to watch him waste it. It becomes more frustrating when he seemingly strives for mediocrity--like batting .260. He words and his antics only begin to bother me when he fails to lay down a bunt or make good contact. I don't know the real Carlos Gomez but, if I did, I'd want to grab him by the collar and shake him. Maybe Lorenzo Cain will be to Carlos what Jim Edmonds was to Corey Hart. Here's hoping.

On Manny Parra: Today came news that Manny Parra will be replaced in the starting rotation by Chris Capuano. Parra will work out of the bullpen. I like this move. Like Gomez, Parra has a world of potential but has rarely lived up to it. A change of scenery might do him good. I do not think that Parra was going to find himself by continuing to start. He lost his confidence and control of his fastball. I'm not sure that he will find either in the bullpen but maybe if he can pitch an inning or two here and there he will gain some confidence. I know I'm reaching here. I have no idea how to fix Parra. It seems like no one does or it would have happened already. I hope he has one of those Aha moments that Oprah talks about.

On Hunter Pence: FHP! reported that he switched from coffee to hot tea because it was better for his body. Also, he was successful in getting Call of Duty from Best Buy even after he left the game at the cash register after he paid for it.

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