Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deja vu all over again (a/k/a Petey P. Cup night)

Did the Brewers and Astros get together and decide to re-play Friday night’s game on Saturday night? ‘Cause it sure seemed like it. And if I thought I had nothing on Friday …

This is probably wrong but I have to write about something else today. 

Two of our nephews stayed with us this weekend. Alex is eight and Braxton is six and they both live in Wisconsin. On Saturday morning, we went to Target to get a few essential supplies for the weekend—a kickball and some wiffle balls. Of course, we had to pick up a few packs of baseball cards. When we checked out, I let the kids know that if they got a Ryan Braun baseball card that it was mine. “He’s my boyfriend, so I get his card if you get one,” I said.

“Hey, aren’t you married?” Braxton asked, looking at Seth, who was paying for our purchases.

“Yes, she’s married,” Seth said.

“Then how can you have a boyfriend?” Braxton asked.

“Well …” I started to try to explain. I needn’t have worried. I didn’t have a chance to answer before Braxton yelled, “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START HAVING BABIES?” This made our clerk giggle.

The boys were quickly onto discussing who rocked more. “I rock!” said Alex. “I rock louder!” said Braxton. This made the guy standing behind us in line bust into laughter.

After a trip to the zoo and a backyard BBQ with kickball and wiffle ball, we headed to a St. Paul Saints game. It was “Dancin’ with the Mascots plus Team Card Set Giveaway Night.” Of course, we got a set of baseball cards but we also received two (one for each hand) Petey P. Cup hand puppets. Mr. and Mrs. P. Cup were a couple of the mascots at the game--and they danced without spilling. 

“Rachel, what’s a pee cup?” the boys asked.

“Ummm, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a cup for your pee.”

Blank stares.

“You know, sometimes you go to the doctor … where’s Beth? Beth can explain this to you,” I said looking around frantically for my friend Beth who was at the game with us. Beth has two children and would totally know the right thing to say. Explaining a urine sample to children is not something that I can do.

Later on, Braxton and Alex pretended that their pee cup puppets were in a fistfight and they yelled, “PEE CUP” as they attacked each other.

A pee cup -- something that makes getting shut out for a second time by the Houston Astros seem less earth shattering.

**Yes, my nephew has on a Yankees shirt but it is a CC Sabathia shirt so it is OK. Plus, it seemed to upset Twins fans. Good times. **

Astros 6, Brewers 0
Game played 7-31-10

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