Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little bundle of joy called Lo Cain

I learned today that another one of my friends is pregnant. That makes two good friends and two co-workers who are expecting. When I walk around the skyway at lunch, it seems like every fifth woman I pass has a baby bump.

When Seth and I started dating that was something we agreed on—no kids. I’m not sure what his reasoning was but I grew up with five siblings and spent plenty of time watching my brother and sisters. I have four nieces and six nephews—so far. I am sure that I will have more. It’s not that I don’t like children. It’s more that I’m selfish. I like doing my own thing. I don’t know anyone who has a child who doesn’t love being a parent but I worried that I could be the first.

“Ummm, Seth, isn’t it your turn to watch the baby? The Brewers are on.”

In honor of all the procreating going on, I want to take a moment to acknowledge Brewers’ fans newest kid—Lorenzo Cain.  Cain is the latest Milwaukee prospect to make a splash in the big leagues--and it seems that he might be something special. (See, don’t I sound like a proud mother?) Since being called up on August 6, Cain has impressed with a .303 BA and .750 OPS in 21 games (66 AB, 73 PA). His defense has been solid, and at times, spectacular.

Cain was spectacular in the first of three against the Reds on Monday night. He had two defensive plays that made the ESPN Top Ten, including the No. 1 play, an impressive grab that ended with Cain crashing into the outfield fence. He went 1-3, with a walk.

The youth movement couldn’t save the Brewers, however, as the oldest Brewer, Trevor Hoffman, gave up a walk-off single to Jay Bruce in the tenth inning.  

Reds 5, Brewers 4
Game played 8-30-10

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