Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sorry Mom

This came as sort of a surprise to me, but people actually read my blog. Most of the readers are related to me or are people that I pester to read it. Seth, for example, reads my blog when I helpfully place the laptop in his lap and say, "you should read this right now." My friend Dane is even reading this in China. Well, he said he would but he wasn't sure if he would have Internet access or time ...

Occasionally, I even get comments. I received the following from my co-worker's husband, Neil, regarding the Let's Blog Two post (and all the hit batters).

Gardy would have totally lost his schpadoinkle (this is a family blog, right?) on that one. The only solution is to bring up some kid to go all Dock Ellis on the Cubs
[Note from Rachel--I thought that this would be an excellent use of Doug Davis. Why waste some kid on this task?]

Based on this comment, I feel the need to clear something up. This is not a family blog. (My family reads it because if they didn't it would hurt my feelings but it really isn't a family blog.) In fact, I am a rather foul mouthed person. I've tried to be respectful but there are days... today is one of those days.

The Brewers built a 2-0 lead against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday on the strength of back-to-back homeruns by Prince Fielder and Casey McGehee. And then Arizona made history (or at least tied it) with four consecutive homeruns.

Four consecutive homeruns in the fourth inning as follows:
A. LaRouche homered to right [Note from Rachel: Shit!]
M. Montero homered to right  [Note from Rachel: Damn!]
M. Reynolds homered to left center [Note from Rachel: Jesus!]
S. Drew homered to right center [Note from Rachel: Fuck!]
I admit it. I'm using vulgarity in place of creativity and I'm OK with that tonight. We just lost another one to Arizona.
Diamondbacks 8, Brewers 2
Game played 8-11-10 

**Thursday's game is not on TV. I'll see what I can do. **

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  1. Okay, well he would have lost his shit then.