Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let’s blog two!

I’m a little behind in my posts. I didn’t finish watching Tuesday night’s game until 1 a.m. and I was too tired to write anything. It’s now 9:41 p.m. on Wednesday and I just finished today’s game.  Milwaukee held on to win 4-3 on Tuesday but got crushed 15-3 on Wednesday. The Brewers took 2 of 3 from the Cubs and are now 50-59 and 11 games behind Cincinnati in the NL Central and 10.5 behind St. Louis.

A few random thoughts.

  1. Does anyone pitch slower than Ryan Dempster? I had the Cubs feed for Wednesday’s game and Dempster took so much time between pitches, they showed a shot of the crowd or the batter’s facial expression—between every pitch. I’ve never seen so many different styles of Cubs tank tops—and I don’t really want to ever again. (Best shirt: Hit St. Louis in the Pujols.) Quit doing that stupid thing with your glove and pitch, Dumpster.
  1. Manny Parra had a ball lined off his mid-section in the second inning by Alfonso Soriano. Randy Wolf lost his bid at a shutout when Hunter Pence (middle finger!) lined one off of his wrist on Sunday. It’s getting scary out there. It’s not enough to hit the Brewers batters, now they’re going after our players in the field. It reminded me of this Sports Illustrated article
  1. LaTroy Hawkins was ejected for throwing at Alfonso Soriano in the seventh inning. Hawkins’ first pitch was a bit inside. The second pitch grazed Soriano’s jersey and went to the backstop. (“Graze” is the word that the Cubs broadcasters used.) This earned Hawkins an ejection. Unbelievable. Soriano was the SECOND Cub to be hit by a Brewers pitcher this season, while Cubs pitchers have hit THIRTEEN Brewers—including the fastball from Brian Schlitter that hit Carols Gomez in the head on Monday night. Hmmm… the Cubs hit the Brewers three times in Monday’s blow out. No ejections. The Brewers hit the Cubs once in Wednesday’s blow out. Ejection without warning.  Blue FAIL. 
  1. If Yovani Gallardo is YoGa, why isn’t Manny Parra, MaPa or even MawPaw?
  1. I think I would like it if Mark Cuban owned the Texas Rangers. I think he might offend the old guard and make Tony LaRussa’s head explode—at least that’s what I hope he would do.
  1. Brett Farve can suck it. How much of an attention whore can one person be? I mean, he could write his random thoughts and put them on the internet and expect people to read them ...

Brewers 4, Cubs 3 – Game played 8-3-10
Cubs 15, Brewers 3 – Game played 8-4-10


  1. Gardy would have totally lost his schpadoinkle (this is a family blog, right?) on that one. The only solution is to bring up some kid to go all Dock Ellis on the Cubs:

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  3. If this is something that I can fix I will try to do so. I'm old so I'm so good with technology. :-)

  4. I thought maybe Twins fans had an extra layer of security.

  5. hey, what's going on here? I get used to the daily fix and then you abandon me? Ok Coco. Fine!!

  6. Sorry, Chad. No internet on the Island. Trying to get caught up. Please keep reading!