Monday, August 30, 2010

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has

It had already been a long day when Saturday night's game went into extra innings. We left St. Paul at 9:30 a.m. and had been on the road most of the day.  But when you've come this far, you don't quit early.

Chris Capuano, who started in place of Manny Parra, did little to solidify a place in the starting rotation, giving up six runs on six hits and three walks, in three innings. Ironically, Parra had to come in to settle things down. He pitched three scoreless innings. The Brewers found themselves in a 6-3 hole after three innings and down 7-4 heading into the bottom of the seventh inning.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Milwaukee rallied to tie the score. Ryan Braun led off with a single and scored when Prince Fielder hit his second home run of the night--a shot that hit the Tundra Territory truck. An error by the Pirates allowed the tying run to score. (I heart the Pirates.) With neither team able to score in the eighth or ninth inning, the game went into extra innings.

Because it is such a long drive and attending a Brewers game is such a treat, we usually go for the full fan experience. We tailgate, we keep score, we buy overpriced crap at the Brewers store, we polka in the aisle, we make friends with people in our section, we cheer--AND, on this night, we heckled. We are effective. In fact, I think it is safe to say that you can thank sections 119 and 120 for what happened next.

In the top of the tenth inning, after Ronny Cedeno innocently popped out, Chris Snyder came to the plate. And those of us still left in Sections 119 and 120 decided to let him know that he, in fact, sucked. Normally, I'm not one for taunting an opposing player unless it's witty and funny but for some reason, the guy sitting behind us took the "Chris Snyder, you stink" to a whole new level. And when this same guy went to the taunt where you just repeat the player's name over and over, Megan chimed in with sucks ...Chris Snyder! ... Chris Snyder... sucks! It was during this at bat that I noticed that Chris Snyder's pants looked like they spent too much time in the dryer. "Chris Snyder, your pants are unreasonably tight" became quite popular in our section. Snyder was nice enough to ground out to first.

Having tasted a little success, Sections 119 and 120 were hungry for more. The rest of the way, we let no pitch go by without some form of cheering or heckling. (If you listen closely to the Fox Sports Wisconsin feed of the game, you can hear us.) And there is no doubt in my mind, that we willed that winning run to score. Braun led off the eleventh inning with a single. Prince followed with a hot shot that was booted by Neil Walker. See, we were in his head. After McGehee flew out, rookie Lorenzo Cain lined one down the left field line that easily scored Braun.

Chris Snyder your pants are unreasonably tight, and, you suck. Game time 4:16 and worth every minute.

Brewers 8, Pirates 7
Gamed played 8-28-10

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