Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paul Molitor: My first sports crush

On this day (August 26, 1987) in baseball history, Paul Molitor had his 39-game hitting streak end while standing in the on-deck circle. Rick Manning drove in the game-winning run in the tenth inning and Molitor didn’t get another crack at extending his hitting streak. 

Molitor turned 54 on August 22.  Happy birthday, Igniter!

My first baseball memories are of the 1982 World Series. I can’t explain why or how but I fell madly in love with Paul Molitor. He made me feel like my heart would explode. I was nine years old and I did not possess the vocabulary to express how he made me feel. I tried to explain this to one friend, who made fun of me.

“Rachel and Paul Molitor sittin’ in a tree…” she taunted.

“But you should see him hit … it’s amazing…” I tried to explain.

My first sports crush lasted for a long time—until Molitor did the unthinkable. He went to play for the Minnesota Twins in 1995. Now, this is a move that makes a ton of sense if you know Molitor’s background. He grew up in St. Paul and went to the University of Minnesota. He was coming home. (I actually live about a mile from where he went to high school.) To me, he was going to play for the enemy. (I never felt this way about the Blue Jays but I think I’ve already explained my feelings about the Twins.) I’ve never gotten over it. To this day, I harbor resentment toward Molitor for leaving me for the Minnesota Twins. He is without question my favorite Brewer of all time but this comes with a caveat. He was my favorite player UNTIL 1995. 

I feel like this picture requires explanation. Back in 1986, the Brewers had a promotion called photo night. They actually let fans onto the field at County Stadium before the game and the players would pose with the fans. Molitor put his arm firmly around me and asked, “who’s taking your picture tonight?” And I pointed and he smiled in that direction. I cannot even imagine what would happen if they had photo night in 2010, on the field, before a game. I think the game would have to be forfeited like disco demolition night. I might not let go of Ryan Braun if he put his arm around me. 

There is no explanation for my hair. My friend Andy, who was nice enough to scan in this photo, joked that my hair made the file too large to e-mail. He’s not kidding. On a positive note, Paul and I have matching high-waisted pants.  I remember that the Brewers played the Blue Jays on this night and we thought we were cool for taunting Jesse Barfield. 

Dodgers 7, Brewers 1 (I have nothing to say about this game.)
Game played 8-26-10


  1. Rach, did i ever tell you i met Molitor at my salon in edina, Spalon. i actually chatted up his wife..( she was cool) and when she finally realized I had no idea who she or her hubby was..she really relaxed.

    But soon she brought him in for a cut with someone and she says " Paul, come here, you gotta meet this girl who never heard of you! says"hi Mr.Molitor, sorry i don't know any sports!" he just chuckled!
    I was such a dummy! :-)
    Lisa ( Lavish salon )

  2. Lisa--That is a great story. I think I remember when it happened. I know I was jealous. You are so funny!