Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baseball round table

Well sports fans, you're in for a treat! Live from my brother Nick's living room (where I'm sitting on bean bag), four of the greatest baseball minds ever, sit down to answer your questions. Yes, we are on our way to Miller Park for Sunday's game but we're never too busy for our loyal fans. Actually, we just ate too much to move.

Question 1: Who is your summer boyfriend?

Karen (Nick's girlfriend): I'm evaluating the potention of Casey McGehee. At first glance he looks kind of old. But he has the stats. And knowing that he is actually a couple of years younger than me is helping immensely. I intend to visit Ryan Braun's Waterfront in hopes that Ryan and Casey will be there. So we should probably stake the place out to maximize our exposure potential.

Nick (brother): I'm good.

Sally (Mom): Davey Nelson, I probably should go for. I don't know. The umps are probably more my age.

Question 2: What do you like about baseball and/or how did you become a Brewers fan?

Sally: My father, two of my uncles and my grandfather all played baseball so I spent my summers watching them. I think I went to my first Brewers when I was 8. I guess it would have been the Braves then.

Karen: I grew up watching the Braves on TBS. I remember when Chipper Jones was a rookie. I always liked baseball.

Nick: I used to hate baseball. I couldn't stand to watch an entire game. I used to time my naps by the Brewers games but I've since seen the light.

Sally: It's way more fun to watch now that they're on FS Wisconsin all the time.

Question 3: What do you hope to accomplish this weekend?

Nick: Watch baseball.

Rachel: Drink beer (oh and watch baseball).

Karen: A) Make a final determination about Casey McGehee; and B) Watch Escobar to see for myself if the Hardy trade was a good; and C) I hoping to lose the ahhhh feeling that I have for Corey Hart and Prince Fielder; and D) I will drink more than two alcoholic beverages; and E) I want to pick the winner of the sausage races. I'm an overachiever.

Sally: I'm tired of accomplishing things. I'm just going to be a spectator and watch and enjoy. I'm going to sit at Miller Park and think about how lucky I am.

My Mom and I listened to the Brewers game on the radio on the way to my brother's house. The Brewers fell behind early 0-2, came back to take the lead 4-2, before falling behind for good 5-4.

I'll be at Miller Park tomorrow and Monday.

Mariners 5, Brewers 4
Game played 6-26-10

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