Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dazed and confused

You know it’s going to be a late night when you can work 8 hours, play an entire softball game, go out for pizza and beer and still make it home for the start of the Brewers game. Baseball on the West Coast is hard on Midwesterners. (I am sure that it is hard for people on the East Coast, too, but it has been my experience that the day starts later on the East Coast, whereas Midwesterners like to get to work really early. I am not in favor of this but whenever I say 8 a.m. is too early to be in the office, I inevitably run into people who get to work before 7 and think 8 is late--people like my husband, who have to stay up most of the night and drink a 12-pack just to be able to stay in bed until 7 a.m.)

The Brewers squared off against the Angels for the second game of a three-game series Tuesday night. Local start time:  9:10 p.m.  I was already dragging having had a bad bout of insomnia over the weekend and having stayed up for the entire game Monday night. I was in a fog and knew it wasn’t going to get better.

I tried to clear the cobwebs and focus on the game but I wasn’t sure if what I was watching was really happening. The game started with two quick Brewer outs against Los Angeles pitcher Ervin Santana, but Braun, back to hitting third in the line-up, got a two-out single. And then Prince smoked one to the opposite field and the Brewers were up 2-0. These would be all the runs the Brewers would need as Dave Bush gave up just one run over 7 1/3 innings. The lone Angels' run came in the eighth inning, after the game was over. Corey Hart scored a bases clearing double in the second inning and the route was on.

The lack of sleep must be getting to me because it was almost impossible to remember when the Brewers last had timely hitting and good pitching—in back to back games. So confused. So dazed. So awesome. Wednesday’s game is a “twilight” game with a local start time of 6:10 p.m. Here’s to staying dazed and confused. (But with beer from now on.)

Brewers 7, Angels 1
Game played 6-16-10

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