Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The hangover

The Brewers game went much like my workday. I appeared to be trying but, honestly, I lacked focus and didn't meet any of my output goals. The Brewers appeared to be trying--they got on base--but couldn't really get that big hit or keep the Cubs from hitting homeruns. Amazing game last night. Not so much tonight. You could call it a hangover.

Randy Wolf, who tied the game up at 3 with a 2-run double in the fourth, proceeded to give up FIVE homeruns tonight. After giving up 5 runs in the fifth, the Brewers went down without too much of a fight. They kept getting base runners on, Braun came up with the bases loaded in the seventh, but couldn't quite get over the hump.

Is it just me or did Ryan Braun look like he wanted to be anywhere but Miller Park tonight? Hang in there, Ryan.

Cubs 9, Brewers 4
Game played 6-9-10  

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