Thursday, June 10, 2010

We don't have anyone else like him

The Brewers won today when Carlos Gomez scored from first on a sacrifice bunt in the 10th inning. I'm not making that up.* 

Gomez walked to lead off the 10th inning; stole second as Craig Counsell bunted and continued onto third base when the third basemen picked up the bunt and threw it to first to get Counsell. In post game interviews, Gomez said he just decided to keep going when he got to second base. "I said, 'Why not?'" Cubs first baseman Xavier Nady tried to throw out Gomez at third but the throw sailed away and Gomez sprinted home for the game winning run. 

Gomez came to the Brewers in a trade for J.J. Hardy. It's been an adjustment for me. JJ is not, and will never be, Ryan Braun, but I liked him. In 2008, JJ went on a hitting streak the likes of which I have never seen. Without that streak, the Brewers don't make the playoffs. Gomez was that guy who got picked off second against the Yankees in the 2009 playoffs. Twins fans seemed angry with him a lot. And, you know, he was a Twin. When we were in Milwaukee for opening weekend, I had a hard time cheering for him even though he was in a Brewers uniform. (See earlier post about my inability to get over things.)

At the beginning of the season, my friend Andy asked me how Gomez was doing with the Brewers. "Gomez is the kind of player where you wouldn't be surprised if he was released." After watching Gomez, I could see why he frustrated Twins fans. He never seemed to be paying attention nor was his execution very sharp. After the first month of the 2010 season, I reached the conclusion that while he was somewhat maddening, the Brewers didn't have anyone on the team anything like him. Everyone on the team was like JJ--similar approach and numbers. Gomez is crazy fast and can bunt for a hit (if he can actually execute it). He makes things interesting, and sometimes, those things win games. 

Brewers 5, Cubs 4
Game played 6-10-10

The Brewers released Jeff Suppan on Monday but he escaped the glue factory when the Cardinals picked him up today. I'd laugh if I wasn't so afraid that he'll pitch a perfect game against the Brewers. LOL. What are the chances? 

*Apparently also the manner in which the Cleveland Indians win the WS in the movie Major League. 

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