Friday, June 4, 2010

Why blog?

I’ve been married for six years (dating for nearly 13) so it will probably come as no surprise to anyone to know my husband’s reaction to my announcement that I was going to start a blog about the Milwaukee Brewers. “How much is this going to cost? And what do I have to do to make this happen for you?”  Experience has taught Seth to ask these questions. I think we all remember my last brilliant idea to go to law school.

Chris Capuano made his return to the big leagues tonight after having last pitched in the majors in September of 2007. He underwent his second Tommy John surgery prior to the 2008 season. To say that it has been a long road back for him is probably an understatement. The fact that the Brewers are giving him another shot speaks volumes to the current state of the Brewers starting rotation, although Capuano was pitching well in Triple A. Capuano was an All-Star in 2006 and certainly worthy of another chance. 

After college, I worked in marketing. Wanting to do something “more” with my life, I decided that my path to spiritual fulfillment started with law school. So, after taking the LSAT and applying to several law schools, I quit my marketing job, took out massive amounts of student loans and started down that road to fulfillment.

Capuano pitched fairly well giving up one run in the second inning before running into a bit of trouble in the fourth inning. Miraculously, the Brewers bullpen came in and shut down the Marlins, keeping the total damage to two additional runs, for a 3-0 Florida lead. Offensively, the Brewers couldn’t come up with any clutch hits off Marlins ace Josh Johnson. They fought for one run in the seventh and had three straight singles in the ninth inning to cut the lead to 3-2 but Prince flew out and Corey “nobody’s been hotter” Hart struck out to end the game.

I graduated from law school in 2001 and passed the bar later that summer. I currently work as a real estate attorney. In the same way that Brittney Murphy’s abs didn’t feel nothin’ like steel in Clueless, my soul feels nothin’ like fulfilled as a real estate attorney. So I did some soul searching (which, to be fair to Seth, costs money) and decided that I needed to write more. I had, after all, always wanted to be a sports writer (until I discovered that the only job I could find was working in rural North Dakota for $12,000 a year). This blog is my attempt to get back to writing on a consistent basis. There are tons of other blogs about the Brewers that are better than mine. (I am a big fan of several. I love MillerParkDrunk’s comparison of Trevor Hoffman and the Smoke Monster.) But the idea of writing about the Brewers makes me happy whereas journaling about my feelings makes me break out in hives. Hence, the start of my Hang with ‘em Brewers blog. 

Marlins 3, Brewers 2

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