Sunday, June 20, 2010


Some things cannot be explained.

The reality show Mall Cops: Mall of America, for example.* “The cops race against time to reunite two guys,” said the super dramatic voiceover. And, after reuniting a woman with her cell phone (this show is big on bringing people, and people and objects together), the cops talk to a guy who seems sort of distraught. The cops conclude, however, that “he’s just another tired man waiting for his wife to finish shopping.”

Another thing that cannot be explained is why I continue to watch the Brewers. Saturday night’s game…was…just…soo… ahhhhhhhhhhurgh! The Brewers built a 4-1 lead behind six strong innings from Yovani Gallardo (whom the Rockies announcers kept calling GEEEH-ardo). As often happens, however, Gallardo’s pitch count was high so Macha went to the bullpen. Carlos Villanueva decided that the game lacked drama so he gave up two homeruns, including a 2-run shot, leading to a 4-4 tie. (That’s 1/3 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 SO, 2 HR.)

Not content to just blow the lead, the bullpen (Braddock, Loe) proceeded to give up four additional runs in the bottom of the eighth inning. Colorado 8, Brewers 4. I would like to reunite the bullpen with the concept of closing out a game.

The Brewers rallied in the ninth. Carlos Gomez and Craig Counsell got on base, setting up a 3-run Corey Hart homer.  After everything that had gone wrong, the Brewers trailed by just one run, with Prince and Ryan coming up. Prince walked and Braun doubled putting runners on second and third with 2 out. The Rockies elected to walk Casey McGehee to get to rookie catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Lucroy was brought up at the end of May to replace the injured Greg Zaun. He quickly moved ahead of George Kottaras on the depth chart. He’s played well and was 3-for-4 on the night. He battled, fouling off six straight pitches, before lining out to right.

At this point I am a little distraught. I’m just a tired girl waiting for her team to put together some starting pitching, timely hitting and effective relief pitching.  Unfortunately, you cannot buy this at Mall of America.

Rockies 8, Brewers 7
Game played 6-19-10

* I want to point out that Seth flipped to this show and decided to watch it. I did not. Just so you know--I have standards when it comes to my reality TV watching. Mall Cops is no Rock of Love.

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