Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fox Saturday Baseball Game of the Week can suck it

Dear Fox Sports,

Thank you for making it impossible for me to watch the Brewers-Cardinals game on Saturday. You are right. It makes much more sense to show the regional match-up of Tampa Bay and Texas to the viewing audience in Minnesota. Also, kudos for preventing the local Milwaukee radio broadcasts from being streamed on the internet. Because of your deal with MLB, I was forced to watch an entire Rays-Rangers game while “watching” the Brewers’ gamecast on (Have you ever watched a game cast for 4+ hours, Chris Rose?) And, thank you for showing ONE highlight of the Brewers game during the entire Rays-Rangers broadcast and for interviewing not one, but two, Rangers’ players during your lengthy post-game show, even though the Brewers-Cardinals game went into extra innings. I am sure you were unaware that the Brewers game was still going on when you ended your broadcast, otherwise you would have mentioned it or shown the score or possibly even shown the game.

For the time you prevented me from watching a Mets-Brewers match-up featuring Ben Sheets v. Johan Santana, and for the time you showed me some other random game (which probably involved the Twins) instead of the Brewers-Cubs game during the last weekend of the 2008 season and for this Saturday, too, this middle finger is for you, Fox Sports. Isn’t there a Sarah Palin rally somewhere?


PS—Yes, I could have driven to Wisconsin to watch the game but I had to go to my college reunion dinner at 6:30 and I had no idea how far into Wisconsin I’d have to go. Rumor has it that you think people living in Hudson and River Falls like Minnesota sports teams. Middle finger for that, too.

Cardinals 5, Brewers 4 (11 innings)
Game played 6-5-10


  1. if you do see this post, and I see you're in St. Paul: if you have a radio, you can fill your Brewers radio needs by listening to WEVR 106.3 FM/1550 AM out of River Falls. (the Brewers games usually run on both, unless there's a Badgers or Packers football game, then they're on AM only)
    You can pull in this station all the way to Minneapolis and even in Minneapolis some of the time--there have been many times where I've listened to Brewers games while being stuck in post-Twins traffic.

  2. Thanks, good tip. I will try this next time. Also, I think you are the first and only person that I'm not related to that has read my blog. Thanks!