Saturday, June 19, 2010

GOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! (or not)

The U.S.A. men’s soccer team fell behind 2-nil* in the first half of Friday’s match against Slovenia. Falling behind is bad news for Team USA. The United States is 6-16-5 in World Cup matches. In its 6 victories, the U.S.A. has scored first.  The Brewers fell behind 2-0 after the second inning of Friday night’s match-up with the Colorado Rockies. Falling behind is bad news for Milwaukee. The Brewers are just 5-14 when trailing after the second inning, whereas they are 12-3 if they have a lead after the second inning. Team USA is the Brewers of soccer.

The United States made a badass comeback in the second half. Landon Donovan boomed one at a crazy angle over the keeper’s head and Michael Bradley, running at full-speed, tapped one into the net for a 2-2 tie. The only reason that the US didn’t complete the biggest comeback in its World Cup history was a bizarre reffing decision that called off a goal by Maurice Edu. This wasn’t the only questionable call he made but it was the biggest.  Milian referee Koman Coulibaly is the C.B. Buckner of soccer.

The Brewers were not Team USA on Friday night. Two plays, which should have been errors, cost Manny Parra a victory (or at least a no decision). Defensive miscues by Casey McGehee and Rickie Weeks led to the two runs that Colorado scored. The Brewers offense, meanwhile, struggled against Jason Hammel. The Brewers were just 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position, with McGehee being particularly ineffective, popping up twice. “If I catch a routine ground ball, if I hit two fly balls, it’s a 2-1 game and we’re out of here with a win,” McGehee said.

The United States needs a victory against Algeria to advance. (There are a few other scenarios that work, too, but a win would be best.) The Brewers need better defense. When you watch other teams like the Rockies or the Angels, you can see that our defense is not as good. I’m talking to you, Rickie Weeks. 

Rockies 2, Brewers 0
Game played 6-19-10

* I don’t really know anything about soccer. My alma matter, Macalester College, is good at soccer and nothing else. (Ask me about suffering though losing basketball and softball seasons.) So, I watched a lot of soccer in college. I know about seven soccer words and I try to use them as often as possible during “matches.” I’ll randomly yell, “cross it” or “good ball.” I’ll pretend that I understand off sides. I don’t. But when I have a clear rooting interest in any sport, I watch it and I want to win. I was genuinely pissed about the first half against Slovenia. I hate losing. 

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  1. That's like me and hockey - I never played and barely watched and one night found myself in the 4th row at a Wild game. I came up with "Get it out of the zone!" as my go-to phrase. That and "ahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrr!" when there was a fight.