Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a Brewers fan might think

Friday, May 21st 2010: I’m sitting in the 11th row behind the Brewers’ dugout at Target Field. I am so excited for this game. I could hardly sit still at work all day. I have my Ryan Braun jersey on. I’m ready for action. It is the first of three Brewers v. Twins games at Target Field.

What just happened? How did we give up seven runs in the first inning? Stupid ump, WTF? And five more in the fourth inning? Why does everyone keep texting me with “I’m sorry” messages? At least we came through with a few runs in the eighth so we didn’t get shutout. Somehow, though, this doesn’t seem like much of a victory. In fact, there is nothing redeeming about this game except for the fact that I was relatively close to Summer Boyfriend for a few hours. Twins 15, Brewers 3.

Tuesday, June 23rd 2010: I’m sitting on my couch. It is a nice couch. It is leather. I have my Cobra Kai softball t-shirt on. I can only watch 45 minutes of the game before I have to go to my softball game (and possibly consume beer). It is the first of three Brewers v. Twins games at Miller Park.

Is this Narveson guy going to get anyone out? How did the first six batters reach? How is it already 3-0, Twins, with the bases loaded and no one out? Why do I have to watch this on the Twins’ feed? Stupid blackout rules. This game seems familiar.  I feel sick to my stomach.

Thank god, a pop-up and two strikeouts. Three to nothing, that’s not bad. We could rally, although we never rally against Scott Baker. He owns us. (Narveson now has a 12.27 ERA in the first inning (15 runs in 11 innings) with opponents batting a cool .408.)

Softball game. We play well. My knee only moderately hurts by the third inning. We 10-run Tiffany’s. We go to Maxwell’s for beer. We sit outside so I won’t be able to see the score of the game but I am not optimistic. We return home. I’ve had several Leinies. Leinies are good. It is possible that I had one too many. It is possible that the beer makes me feel optimistic.

Narveson settles down. The Brewers hit. And hit. And hit. And take the lead, 7-3. Todd Coffey returns from the DL and pitches. It is a mistake. Brewers 7, Twins 5. Ax takes the mound in the eighth after Coffey gives up two runs. Ax closes the door. I exhale.

Brewers 7, Twins 5
Game played 6-22-10

**We welcomed the newest member of the family into the world today. Can't wait to meet you, Anna Rhodetta.**

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